Welcome to Good Health Colorado

The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has altered the way organizations conduct business. This is especially true of health care. Good Health Colorado, a non-profit organization, was created to assist health care organizations with the challenges COVID-19 has presented. As a reminder, we want to promote good health through wearing a mask, social distancing, and proper hand washing hygiene.

My name is Jay Williams, the founder of Good Health Colorado. With more than 10 years of health care experience I have witnessed the challenges facing the health care industry. As a senior project manager, I was involved in the implementation of a health care delivery model – population health and clinically integrated networks. The knowledge and experience I’ve garnered over these years has inspired me to create Good Health Colorado. I hold a Master of Science degree in management with a minor in human resources management. I am also a PMI-certified project management professional.

Our mission at Good Health Colorado is to assist health care organizations with delivering exceptional patient care through effective care management practices. To achieve this aim, we are building a network of professional healthcare workers. Our vision is to utilize this network of essential workers to promote quality patient care that advocates and improves the patient experience, improves health care outcomes, and reduces the total cost of care. To accomplish this, Good Health Colorado provides first-aid training and certification, staffing services (temporary and permanent placement), care management and project management consulting services.

We want to partner with your organization to accomplish our goals and objectives. Please let us know how we can best assist your health care organization.


Jay Williams, MSc Mgmt/HRM, PMP